Fidelity Bank branches in Accra

Fidelity Bank Branches In Accra 2023, List Of Offices, Hours

Ther are many people who keep asking us so many information about the Fidelity Bank branches in Accra. Because of that, we have dedicated this page to discuss all the places in Accra where you can find Fidelity Bank for all your banking and financial needs.

Fidelity Bank Ghana Limited is one of the commercial banks in the country, providing essential services to many Ghanaians.

There are over Forty-four (44) Fidelity Bank branches in Accra, so if you are in the Greater Accra Region, then it means you have access to all these banks.

Usually, most people think that if you open your bank account in, say, Achimota; then it means you definitely have to visit the Fidelity Bank branch in Achimota for all your banking needs, such as deposits and withdrawals.

Let me say emphatically that this is not the case not only for Fidelity Bank but also for all other banks like Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB), Ecobank, Absa Bank, Consolidated Bank (CBG), Zenith Bank, and any other bank.

Feel free to visit any of these Fidelity Bank branch locations in the Greater Accra Region.

List Of Fidelity Bank Branches In Accra

The following is the list of Fidelity Bank branches in Accra:

1. Fidelity Bank Adentan Branch

2. Fidelity Bank Airport Branch – Accra

3. Fidelity Bank Ashaiman Branch

4. Fidelity Bank Kaneshie Market Branch

5. Fidelity Bank Kokomlemle Branch

6. Fidelity Bank Lapaz Branch – Accra

7. Fidelity Bank Maamobi Branch

8. Fidelity Bank Madina Market Branch

9. Fidelity Bank Nungua Brigade Branch

10. Fidelity Bank Okaishie Branch – Accra

11. Fidelity Bank Osu Danquah Circle Branch

12. Fidelity Bank Adabraka Branch

13. Fidelity Bank Weija Branch – Accra

14. Fidelity Bank Tema Main Branch – Accra

15. Fidelity Bank Abossey Okai Branch

16. Fidelity Bank Accra Central Branch

17. Fidelity Bank Trade Fair Branch

18. Fidelity Bank Tudu Main Branch

19. Fidelity Bank Accra High Street Branch

20. Fidelity Bank Achimota Branch – Accra

21. Fidelity Bank Action Chapel Branch

22. Fidelity Bank Ashaiman Market Branch

23. Fidelity Bank Dansoman Main Branch

24. Fidelity Bank Dome Branch – Accra

25. Fidelity Bank A & C Mall Branch

26. Fidelity Bank Abeka Branch – Accra

27. Fidelity Bank Dzorwulu Branch

28. Fidelity Bank Haatso Branch

29. Fidelity Bank IPS Branch – Accra

30. Fidelity Bank Kaneshie Branch

31. Fidelity Bank Kwame Nkrumah Avenue Branch

32. Fidelity Bank Labone Branch – Accra

33. Fidelity Bank Madina Zongo Branch

34. Fidelity Bank Mamprobi Post Branch

35. Fidelity Bank Nungua Branch – Accra

36. Fidelity Bank Tema Community 2 Branch

37. Fidelity Bank Ridge Tower Branch – Accra

38. Fidelity Bank Tema Community 25 Branch

39. Fidelity Bank Registrar Generals Department Branch – Accra

40. Fidelity Bank Ring Road Central Branch

41. Fidelity Bank Spintex Branch – Accra

42. Fidelity Bank Tema Safe Bond Branch

43. Fidelity Bank Tesano Branch – Accra

44. Fidelity Bank Kantamanto Branch

Those are the Fidelity Bank branches in Accra, and they are always open for business and ready to assist you with your banking and financial activities.

Should you need the services of Fidelity Bank customer care, you can visit any of the branches listed above.

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Does Fidelity Bank Work On Saturday

I keep receiving this question: “Does fidelity bank work on Saturday?”

The answer to that question is Yes.

Many Fidelity Bank branch locations in Accra are open on Saturdays, and you can visit those banks for your Saturday banking activities.

Because of that, you do not need to rush to any of the Fidelity Banks during the weekdays simply to make deposits or withdrawals. You can do that on Saturdays too, and you can do that in the majority of the Fidelity Banks in Accra.

Now you may be wondering if you are going to have access to all the banking and financial products offered by Fidelity Bank Ghana.

The simple answer I can give is a definitive YES.

You will have unlimited access to your funds during the Saturday banking hours.

What you need to take note of is the opening and closing hours for Saturdays.

The Fidelity Bank Saturday banking hours are a little bit different from that of Monday to Friday.

Usually, Fidelity Bank Saturday working hours start at 9:00am and close at 2:00pm.

This does not apply to only the branches in Accra but the entire country.

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How To Contact Fidelity Bank Customer Care In Accra

There are a variety of ways to contact the Fidelity Bank customer service center.

One of the easiest and, of course, the fastest way is to call the Fidelity branch or the head office.

You can also go to the nearest branch in Accra or any part of Ghana, and the customer service personnel will be more than happy to assist you with any problems you may have.

If you need help, then you can call this Fidelity Bank customer care number: 3355.

For those with smartphones, you can send a message to this WhatsApp number: 0245226400.

Moreover, the Fidelity Bank official email address is

Please note that all these customer care numbers and email addresses are not for only Fidelity Bank branches in Accra.

You can use these contact numbers in any part of Ghana.

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