List of GT bank branches in Accra

GT Bank Branches In Accra 2023, Contacts & GTBank Office Locations, Hours

Are you looking for the list of GT Bank branches in Accra? Just relax and keep reading.

The banking industry in Ghana experienced a financial crisis, with most of the commercial banks losing trust by Ghanaians.

Almost all GT Bank branches and wealth management centers offer flexible savings accounts, mutual funds, checking accounts, current accounts, fixed deposits as well as other personal and business account policies.

I have simplified the process for you to locate all the GT Bank Ghana offices in Accra and its environs.

The following are the Guaranty Trust Bank branches in Accra:

1. GT Bank Ghana Head Office In Accra

As you may be thinking, the head office of the Guaranty Trust Bank is located in Accra. But where exactly can you find this headquarters in Accra?

Follow this simple guide to get to the GT Bank Head Office in Accra;

They are located on the Castle Road, a few meters from the African Unity Circle.

The building is opposite the National Youth Employment Office on the other side of Castle road.

The head office branch is adjacent to the Stanbic Bank’s main office and the Ghana Shippers Authority in Accra.

You can call the GT Bank head office on this phone number +233 302-611 560.

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2. GT Bank Labone Branch

The GT office in Labone can be found at Number 3, 3rd Soula Street, Labone, Accra.

The GT building is situated at the junction of 3rd Soula Street and the Peter Ala Adjetey Street, close to the South Africa High Commission.

GTbank is one of the best financial institutions in the banking sector.

Call the GT office at Labone on this telephone number +233 302-771-463.

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3. GT Bank Madina Branch

Being one of the densely populated places in Accra, Madina is poised for business. Guaranty Trust Bank opened this branch to cater for the banking needs of the people in Madina and its environs.

GT Bank also offers online banking in most of its branches nationwide (across Ghana).

If you want to go to the bank, then you will not find it difficult to get there since it is located by the roadside.

On the Madina – Adenta road is at the Redco Flat bus stop. It is very close to the footbridge at the Madina Zongo junction.

The bank is opposite the Akuapem Rural Bank and is close to the Ghana Commercial Bank on the other side of the road.

Call GT Bank on this phone number +233 (0) 302611560. If you are on a budget, then call this toll-free number: 0800124000

4. GT Bank East Legon Branch, Accra

The GT Bank East Lagon branch is located at Plot Number 201 on Lagos Avenue, Accra.

This is one of the finest GT Bank branches in Accra.

It is in a serene location to give you the peace of mind and the security you deserve for banking activities.

The staff here are very welcoming, with a high sense of professionalism.

They treat every customer as the king or queen he or she deserves.

Call the GT Bank East Lagon branch on these phone numbers +233 302 680 746, +233 302 544 312, +233 302 544 313, +233 302 544 314, and +233 302 544 316.

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5. GT Bank Osu Branch, Accra

Even if you do not know Accra very well, don’t panic since the bank is easy to locate.

This branch is in the heart of Accra in a busy place along the Osu Oxford street.

It is sandwiched between the Access Bank on the left and the Bank of Africa on the right.

With the GT Bank online banking system, you can make deposits and withdrawals from your bank account at your convenient time.

The ATM services also offer 24-hour services with no downtime.

Just place a call to this number +233 302 781 231 and talk to one of the customer care personnel.

6. GT Bank Branch, Spintex Road

Another GT Bank branch in Accra is located at Spintex Road.

For your convenience, this branch is equipped with an ATM for your transactions outside the banking hall.

To get to the bank, head towards the Palace Mall roundabout.

Just after the Bank of Ghana building on the left and the Melcom Sphintex shop on the right, drive straight for about five minutes, and you will see the GT bank Spintex road branch on the right side of the road.

It is opposite the Indomie warehouse close to the Ghandour Cosmetics Limited on the other side of the Spintex road.

The mobile number to call is +233 50 000 2068.

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7. GT Bank Airport Square Branch – Accra

The branch at the airport is in a prime location serving not only Ghanaians but alto nationals from other parts of West Africa, South Africa, Northern and Eastern part of Africa who has a GT Bank account.

Location: Number 1 Airport Square, at Airport City, in Accra

Call them on the Toll-Free number: 0800124000.

8. GT Bank Abeka Lapaz Branch – Accra

This is one of the GTBank branches in Accra, where you are assured of smooth banking.

You can visit the Abeka Lapaz branch and make deposits or withdrawals as well as register for any of the many banking products offered by GT Bank.

If you want to locate this Zenith Bank branch in Lapaz, then go to Plot Number 206, Block 3, Section 51, Apenkwa.

Call the Zenith Bank customer service on this phone number+233 50 156 9697.

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9. GT Bank Abeka Lapaz Branch 2

Location: They are at house number B49/30, on the N1 Motorway opposite Abrantie Spot, in Abeka Lapaz.

The Abeka Lapaz branch is one of the busiest in the area. You can have access to all the banking and financial services offered by GTBank Ghana Limited.

You can make deposits and withdrawals as well as register for digital services like internet banking and mobile banking.

You can reach them on this phone number+233 50 156 9697.

10. GT Bank Achimota Branch – Accra

The Achimota office is on Plot number 9, Block 1, Section 168, in Achimota.

Use this Toll-Free number: 0800124000.

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11. GT Bank Airport Branch – Accra

Location: House number 49, on the Patrice Lumumba Road, at Airport Residential Area in Accra.

The phone number to call is +233 577-149-399.

12. GT Bank Ashiaman Branch

Location: House Number 427C, Ashiaman.

Call the Ashaiman customer care on +233 577-802-473.

13. GT Bank Baatsona Branch – Accra

Location: The Baatsona branch is located on plot number 495, Block 7 Section 107, Nungua in Accra.

Call this GT Bank Toll-Free number: 0800124000.

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14. GT Bank Dansoman Branch

Locate the Dansoman branch in Accra, opposite the Alpha Beta Education Centre, Sahara, Dansoman.

Call them on +233 302-302-507.

15. GT Bank Dome Branch – Accra

Location: Dome main market road, Property number 42, Dome – Accra.

Call the Dome branch on this phone number;+233 50 163 3990.

16. GT Bank GPHA Branch

Location: This bank is on the GPHA Towers, Tema Habour.

Call the customer care service on +233 57 714 3800.

17. GT Bank Graphic Road Branch – Accra

Location: The bank is on the No. I Graphic Road, at the Auto Parts Building, in Accra.

The phone number to reach them is +233 302-230-992.

18. GT Bank Branch North Industrial Area

Location: Plot 4, Block 10, on the Ring Road, North Industrial Area, Accra

The telephone number is +233 24 778 2456.

19. GT Bank Opera Square Branch

Location: House No. D857/3, on the Pagan Road, in the Opera Building in Accra.

Telephone number; +233 57 714 5200.

20. GT Bank Ring Road Branch – Accra

Location: House Number C810/3, Asylum Down, Accra.

Toll-Free number: 0800124000.

21. GT Bank Branch Tema Comunity 6

Location: Plot Number VC/Res/16, Block A, in the Black Caesar Casino Building at Tema Community 6.

Phone number;+233 303 201 045.

22. GT Bank Tema Main Branch

This branch offers the best banking services with ATMs working 24 hours, including Saturdays and Sundays.

Location: Plot number CT/401, Tema Community 1.

Call them on these phone numbers: +233 303-200-312 / 4.

23. GT Bank Tudu Branch – Accra

Location: House No. E144, Kinbu Road, Tudu, Near Aflao Lorry Station.

Toll-Free number: 0800124000.

That is it. Some of these GT Bank branches in Accra have ATMs where you can make your transactions without any limitations.

Products And Services By GTBank Ghana Limited

After seeing all the GT Bank branches in Accra, you need to know what banking services you can get from these banks.

Here are some of the personal banking services you will have access to when you visit any of the GTBank branches in Accra:

  • Quick Credit
  • Savings Account
  • GTBank Instant Account
  • Current Account
  • Fixed & Tenured Deposits
  • Foreign Currency Account
  • Smart Kids Save (SKS)
  • Easy Savers Account
  • GTCrea8 Student Account
  • Target Savings Account
  • Seniors Account
  • Non-Resident Ghanaian (NRG) Account Service

You can check the exchange rate at any of the GTBank offices to know how the cedis is performing against major currencies like the USD, EURO, and the Pound.

At any of these GT Bank branches in Accra, you will have access to any of the products the bank offers.

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