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Absa Branches In Ghana 2024, Barclays Bank Offices, Contacts, Hours

What are the Absa branches in Ghana? In this guide, we are providing you with all the branches across all the 16 regions of Ghana.

Barclays Bank Ghana recently rebranded itself as Absa Ghana Limited. Many Barclays Bank customers still struggle to locate the branches in their area. Now that Barclays bank has changed to Absa, many people will get confused the more.

Because of that, The Branch Locator has put together all the Absa branches in Ghana. This includes their addresses, phone numbers, as well as working hours, and where Saturday baking and ATM are available.

Absa Ghana Logo

Absa Logo

The following are the Absa branches in Ghana:

1. Absa Madina Branch – Accra

In Madina, the Absa branch is near the Madina Market, Old Road. This is one of the finest Barclays Bank branches in the Greater Region of Ghana.

The Barclays Madina branch offers one of the best Absa Ghana customer services in the banking sector. You are assured of all the outstanding banking experience by Barclays Bank, Ghana.

The address is P.o. Box Md 1426, Accra.

If you want to call the Madina branch, then use these official phone numbers: (233) (30) 2521131/(28) 9540001-2.

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2. Absa Ashaiman Branch

The Absa Ghana branch in Ashaiman located on the Ashaiman-Afienya Road. This is another customer-focused branch by the Absa Group.

To call the Ashaiman office, these are the official phone numbers to use: (233) (30) 3974860/ (57) 2232857

3. Absa Bank Ridge Branch

This Absa branch is located in one of the most serene environments in the Greater region- Accra. It offers all the mouth-watering services by the then Barclays Bank and now Absa Ghana.

You don’t need to stress yourself to make your transactions at the Ridge branch in Accra.

The Absa branch at Ridge is located at Number 53 & 54 European Residential Area at Ringway Estates.

Call the office on these phone numbers: (233) 302779226/577739917.

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4. Absa Osu Branch

Located on the Osu Oxford Street, the Absa Osu branch is one of the best in the area. The bank has all the services you can expect from Absa, including prestige services and Saturday banking.

Like all other Absa branches, the Osu office opens from Mondays to Fridays from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

What is more, the Osu branch also opens on Saturdays from 9am to 2pm.

You can place a call to this phone number, and the customer service at the Osu branch will solve your issues: (233) 577683502/0577683503.

5. Absa Maamobi Branch

The Maamobi branch is near the Kotobabi Police Station. It is located in one of the busiest areas in Accra.

Call the Maamobi office on (233) (30) 2252166/2251556.

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6. Absa Bank Legon Branch

Serving the densely populated and business community of Accra is the Absa branch at Legon.

This Absa branch is located on the University Of Ghana Campus. The postal address is P.o. Box Lg 23, Legon.

You may call the Legon Absa branch on (233) 577665196.

7. Absa Haatso Branch

You can find the Absa branch at Haatso on the Abrefi Plaza at West Legon.

The security at the banking hall and its environs are second to none. The Haatso branch is open from Mondays to Fridays during the regular banking hours. I addition to that, the Absa branch at Haatso also opens on Saturdays.

The Saturday banking hours are 9am to 2pm.

The Absa postal address is P.o. Box Gp 2949, Accra.

You can call the Haatso branch on this phone number: (233) (30) 2520524.

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8. Absa Bank Koforidua Branch

In the Eastern region, Barclays Bank has one of the vibrant branches in Koforidua near the Legion Hall, close to the B-Foster Bakery. The staff at the Absa branch in Koforidua are very professional.

They handle each customer in a unique way giving you the best customer satisfaction.

The postal address is P.o. Box Kf56, Koforidua – Eastern region.

Call the Absa customer care at the Koforidua on these phone numbers: (233) (34) 2022228/2022354.

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9. Absa Nkawkaw Branch

This is another Absa branch in the Eastern region. Apart from the Koforidua and the Oda branches, the Absa office in Nkawkaw is another location where you can make your transactions.

It is located behind Nkawkaw Market Square. The postal address is P.o. Box 503, Nkawkaw – Eastern Region.

You can call them on (233) (34) 3122076/3122379.

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10. Absa Oda Branch

At Akim oda, you can also locate the Absa branch at Oda New Town. At this office, you are assured of all the services provided by Barclays bank.

Their postal address is P.o. Box 166, Akim Oda – Eastern region.

Call the Akim Oda customer center on this phone number: (233) (34) 2922070.

11. Absa Bank Achimota Branch

You can find the Achimota branch on the Sonnidom Plaza at Mile 7.

The postal address is P.o. Box Ah 191, Achimota. Just head to the Achimota branch and enjoy all the banking services offered by Absa Ghana limited.

You can visit the bank from Mondays to Fridays, and on weekends too, the Achimota branch opens on Saturdays from 9am and closes at 2pm. It also offers prestigious services for its customers.

The contact number for the Absa Achimota branch is (233) (30) 2402640/2402650.

12. Absa Wa Branch

You can locate the Absa Ghana in Wa on the Wa Main Street, Opposite the Wa Central Market. You can post your mails to P.o. Box 286, Wa – Upper West

You can call the Absa Ghana branch in Wa on these numbers: (233) (39) 2021057/2021058.

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13. Absa Ho Branch

The Ho branch can be found at the Atsu Briggate Plaza Building. The office is located on the 24 Mvule Street in Bankoe.

The address is P.o. Box 56, Ho – Volta Region.

To talk to the Absa Ghana customer service, call (233) (36) 2026702.

All Absa Branches in Ghana are same as the Barclays bank offices

Barclays Bank Logo

These are other Absa Bank branches in Ghana:

14. Absa Hohoe Branch

If you are in Hohoe, then you are extremely lucky that Barclays Bank Ghana has a branch in your area. You do not need to travel or walk long distances to access your funds. The most fascinating thing is that you have all the services provided by Absa at the Hohoe branch.

You can locate them on the Ola Road. The postal address is P.o. Box 101, Hohoe – Volta region.

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15. Absa Bank Circle Branch

Absa Branch Circle - Accra

Circle branch

This Barclays Bank branch in Accra is one of the busiest in Ghana’s capital city – Accra. That notwithstanding, you are assured of hassle-free banking. With Absa, your security is a topmost priority.

This Absa branch in Accra is at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle very close to the Vienna City building and IPMC College of Technology.

The banking hours are Monday to Friday from 8:30 in the morning to 4:30pm. Fortunately, the Circle branch is also open on Saturdays from 9:00 in the morning and closes at 2:00 in the afternoon.

The postal address is Kwame Nkrumah Avenue, P.o. Box An 5243, Accra.

If you want to call the Absa customer Care at Circle, then call these numbers: (233) (30) 2228720/2228730.

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16. Absa Kaneshie Branch

Those in Accra and its environs can also visit the Kaneshie branch and enjoy smooth banking. Like any other Absa office in Ghana, you can make deposits and withdrawals as well as register for other products offered by Absa Ghana.

The Kaneshie branch is located at Kaneshie just adjacent to STC.

The postal address is Post Office Box Kn 166, Kaneshie.

You can call the Absa Kaneshie branch on (233) (30) 2224058/2220776.

17. Absa Darkuman Branch

At Darkuman, you can locate the Absa branch at Atico Junction. You can visit the banking hall for all your financial needs or call the rep on the phone and all your issues will be resolved.

The postal address for this Absa office is P.o. Box Dk 265, Darkuman – Accra.

The telephone numbers you can call to reach the customer service at Darkuman are as follows: (233) (30) 2303881/2303884.

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18. Absa Techiman Branch

The bank is opposite the Techiman Busumfo Fie in the center of the town.

The postal address is P. O. Box Tm 342, Techiman in the Bono East region of Ghana.

You can call the Barclays Bank Techiman branch on these phone numbers: (233) (35) 2522428/2522430.

19. Absa Berekum Branch

Adjacent Presby Mission, P.o. Box 159, Berekum – Bono

Telephone number: (233) (35) 2222557/2222550.

20. Absa Sunyani Branch

Sunyani High Street, P.o. Box 213, Sunyani – Bono

Telephone number: (233) (35) 2027048.

21. Absa Tamale Branch

Plot 22, New Commercial Ext, Yendi Road, P.o. Box 116, Tamale

Telephone number: (233) (37) 2022141/2022278.

22. Absa Bolgatanga Branch

Commercial Street, P.o. Box 337, Bolga

Telephone number: (233) (38) 2023258/2022085.

Other Absa Branches In Ghana

23. Absa Tamale Gumanni Branch And Prestige Centre

Rice City Residential Area, Gumani – Tamale – Northern.

24. Absa Dansoman Branch

Dansoman Roundabout, P.o. Box Ds 230, Dansoman – Greater Accra

Telephone number: (233) (30) 2302460-3.

25. Absa Cape Coast Branch

Commercial Street, P.o. Box Cc 255, Anaafo, Cape Coast – Central

Telephone number: (233) (33) 2132168 / 2123581.

26. Absa Tarkwa Branch

Commercial Street, P.o. Box 44, Tarkwa – Western

Telephone number: (233) (31) 2320233.

27. Absa Takoradi High Street Branch

Takoradi High Street, P.o. Box Td 22, Takoradi – Western

Telephone number: (233) (31) 2022151/2022152.

28. Absa Takoradi Liberation Road Branch

Plot 104, Liberation Road, P.o. Box 100, Takoradi – Western

Telephone number: (233) (31) 2022880.

29. Absa Knust Branch

Jubilee Hall, Commercial Area, P.o. Box 1902, Kumasi – Ashanti

Telephone number: (233) (32) 206 0196.

30. Absa Asafo Branch – Kumasi

Starlets 91 Road, Logging Area, P.o. Box Pc 51, Kumasi – Ashanti

Telephone number: (233) (32) 2045995/2045884.

31. Absa Obuasi Branch

Manganese Street, North Bidieso, P.o. Box 1125, Obuasi – Ashanti

Telephone number: (233) (32) 2541292/2541293.

32. Absa Bantama Branch

Bantama High Street, P.o. Box Be 182, Bantama – Ashanti

Telephone number: (233) (32) 2083704/2083702.

33. Absa Tanoso Branch

Opposite University Of Education, P. O. Box Ay 230, Asuoyeboa – Ashanti

Telephone number: (233) (32) 2071528.

34. Absa Ahodwo Branch

Acheampong Towers – Kumasi – Ashanti

Telephone number: (233) (32) 204 9649/8.

Monday – Friday: 08h30 – 16h30

Saturday: 09h00 – 14h00 (prestige Centre Only)

35. Absa Kumasi Prempeh II Street Branch

Prempeh II Street, P.o. Box Ks 1902, Adum, Kumasi – Ashanti

Telephone number: (233) (32) 2026211/2026213

Monday – Friday: 08h30 – 16h30

Saturday: 09h00 – 14h00 (prestige Centre Only)

36. Absa Kumasi Kejetia Branch

Lansah Plaza, Dr Mensah, P.o. Box Ks 874, Kumasi – Ashanti

Telephone number: (233) (32) 2022734/2024789

Monday – Friday: 08h30 – 16h30

Saturday: 09h00 – 14h00

37. Absa Old Suame Branch

Suame Magazine Street, P.o. Box Se 1005, Suame – Kumasi – Ashanti

Telephone number: (233) (32) 2049808/2049628

Monday – Friday: 08h30 – 16h30

Saturday: 09h00 – 14h00

38. Absa Krofrom Branch

Krofrom Main Street-Kumasi – Ashanti

Telephone number: (233) (32) 2083707

39. Absa Ridge Branch

Ridge Branch, Near Gamel Abdul Nasser Ave – Greater Accra.

40. Absa Nester Square Branch

Nester Square Mall, Airport City Enclave, P.o. Box Ct 488, Accra

Telephone number: (233) (30) 2788927/2788928

Monday – Friday: 08h00 – 18h00

Saturday: 09h00 – 14h00

41. Absa Spintex Road Branch

Akushie Plaza, Spintex Road, P.o. Box Sk 381, Sakumono – Greater Accra

Telephone number: (233) (30) 2815805/2815806.

Monday – Friday: 08h30 – 16h30

Saturday: 09h00 – 14h00 (prestige Centre Only)

42. Absa Teshie Nungua Branch

Opposite Nungua Cold Store, P.o. Box Gp 2949, Accra

Telephone number: (233) (30) 2714288/2714387.

43. Absa Legon Main Branch

Opposite Legon Ecg, P.o. Box Lg 23, Legon – Greater Accra

Telephone number: (233) (30) 2520738/2520739.

44. Absa East Legon Branch

American House Roundabout Road, East Legon – Greater Accra

Telephone number: (233) (30) 282 3008/ (233) (28) 9543004/ (233) (57) 7675027.

45. Absa Tema Main Branch

Central Market Area, Tema Community 1 – Greater Accra

Telephone number: (233) 303204051 – 3.

46. Absa Knutsford Avenue Branch

41 Knutsford Avenue, Kantamanto – Greater Accra

Telephone number: (233) (30) 2664507/ (57) 7685140.

47. Absa Ring Road Central Branch

Randolph House, Asylum Down, Ring Road Central – Greater Accra
(233) (30) 2254392.

48. Absa Accra High Street Branch

Absa House, High Street, P.o. Box Gp 2949, Accra

Telephone number: (233) (30) 2664901-4/2667247

Monday – Friday: 08h30 – 16h30

Saturday: 09h00 – 14h00 (prestige Centre Only)

49. Absa Abeka Lapaz Branch

Akrogate Towers, Motorway Extension, Abeka Lapaz – Greater Accra

Telephone number: (233) (30) 2408818/2410882.

50. Absa Makola Square Branch

Makola Square, Pagan Road – Greater Accra

Telephone number: (233) (30) 2665756/2666721.

51. Absa Avenue Central Branch

Pasico House, Adabraka P.o. Box Gp 3073, Accra

Telephone number: (233) (30) 2221521 /2221546.

52. Absa Tema Fishing Harbour Branch

Tema Fishing Harbour, P.o. Box Co 153, Tema – Greater Accra

Telephone number: (233) (30) 3202506/3206350.

53. Absa North Kaneshie Branch And Prestige Centre

Near St. Theresa’s School – Greater Accra

That is it. Now that you know the Absa branches in Ghana, you can call the customer service center for your inquiries or visit the banking hall for your transactions.

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