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Ecobank Branches And Offices In Tema 2023

Are you an Ecobank customer who is planning to visit the banking hall or you have an appointment and need to locate the bank? Whatever your reason may be, we are going to show you the exact direction to each of the Ecobank branches in Tema.

Here is the list of all the Ecobank branches and offices in Tema:

1. Ecobank Tema Motorway Branch, Gyau Tower

Ecobank branches in Tema Motorway

Tema Motorway Branch

If you are in Tema and you want to visit Ecobank for your transactions, then you don’t need to worry about the location. It is easy to navigate your way there.

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The bank is located on the Tema motorway in the Gyau Tower building along the Accra-Aflao road.

Ecobank Tema Gyau Tower Building

The Gyau Tower Building

The Ecobank office is just a stone throw from the Tema motorway roundabout and adjacent the Ghana Sand & Stone Suppliers.

At the Tema Motorway branch, you are assured of your security as well as the safety of your belongings.

For those of you who will go to the bank with your personal car, be rest assured that you have a safe place to park your car. You don’t need to worry much about security.

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2. Ecobank Main Branch

Ecobank Tema Main Branch

Tema Main Office

For those who want to visit the Ecobank Tema Main Branch, the bank can be found along the Krakue road and is just a walking distance from the roundabout.

This is one of the most popular Ecobank branches in Tema and you do not need to stress yourself that much to identify the office.

If you are driving along the Krakue road, then the Ecobank branch is opposite the Tema Stadium on the other side of the main road.

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3. Ecobank Tema Long Room Office

Ecobank Tema Long Room Office

Tema Long Room Branch

There is another Ecobank office in Tema called the Long Room branch.

This office is in the heart of Tema and at a bustling place yet has a serene environment for smooth banking.

It is close to the Ghana Ports and Harbors Authority and a short distance from the Meridian Road.

You can take a closer look at the building in the screenshot below:

Tema Long Room Branch

Long Room Building

There is a large parking lot for those with vehicles, and this comes in handy as you don’t need to worry much about the security of your car.

The banking hall and its environs are well equipped with every security you require for your peace of mind.

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4. Ecobank Ghana Hospital Road Office

Ecobank Ghana Tema Hospital Road Branch

Tema Hospital Road Branch

By mere inference, you can deduce that the Ecobank Tema Hospital Road branch is located along Tema hospital road.

In fact, when standing by the hospital road, you can see the Ecobank office, which is very conspicuous by its colors and proud logo.

This branch is adjacent to the DHL Community 11 and Apex Petroleum Ghana Limited offices.

The image below is the building where the Ecobank branch is located on the Tema hospital road.

The hospital road branch in Tema

Hospital Road Office

If you haven’t ever been to this part of Tema before, don’t panic. Ask anyone about these places;

  • Tema Women’s Hospital
  • Community 11 Shell filling station
  • Delhi Palace restaurant
  • Latter-Day Saints Church
  • Tema Christian Center School

Yes, if you can identify any of these places, then you are almost at the Ecobank office.

Just take note of the building in the screenshot above, that is where you can locate Ecobank on the Tema hospital road.

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What Is The SWIFT Code For Ecobank Tema Branch

The SWIFT code for almost all Ecobak Ghana branches is the same. You can use this code: ECOCGHAC when making international transactions.

So when you are asked for the SWIFT code, then you are sending or receiving money online, then you can use that Ecobank Ghana code.

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