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List Of FINCA Branches In Afghanistan 2023, Find Locations With Contacts

FINCA is a very reputable financial institution, and today we are going to give you all FINCA branches in Afghanistan.

Unlike other financial bodies that are situated only in famous cities and business-oriented areas, FINCA is everywhere.

FINCA’s primary aim to reach under the privilege and assist them better their lives.

As a result, you can count on FINCA for all your financial solutions, and you will not regret working with them.

In this interesting article, we will show you the full list of all FINCA offices across Afghanistan.

Also, you will know their location, contacts, address, and more.

The following are the list of all FINCA branches in Afghanistan:

1. Finca KABUL 1 Branch – Afghanistan

Location Address:: Arzan Qemat Infront of 12th District of Municipality, Abdul Hanan Market, 3rd floor, Arzan Qemat, Kabul, Afghanistan

Contact number: +93(0)791153798 or +93(0)791153637

2. Finca Dashte Barchi Branch – Afghanistan

Location Address:: Main Street of Dashte Barchi, Naqaash Station,2n Floor of Hameed Business Center, Kabul, Afghanistan

Telephone number: +93(0)791153763 or +93(0)791153637

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3. Finca Dehsabz Market Office – Afghanistan

Location Address:: Azizi Plaza-2nd Floor, Office Number 128-129, Dehsabz, Kabul Afghanistan

Telephone number: +93(0)791153637 or 0791-172596

4. Finca Karte Naw Branch

Location Address: 2nd Street of Karte Naw, Mangal Plaza, 3rd floor, Kabul Afghanistan

Telephone number: +93(0)791153672 or +93(0)791153637

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5. Finca Mandawi Branch – Afghanistan

Location Address: Jada-e-Maiwand, Opposite to Takya Khane Omumi Chindawol, Ahmadi Business Centre, Kabul Afghanistan.

This is one of the FINCA branches in Afghanistan.

Telephone number: +93(0)791153815 or +93(0)791153637

6. Finca Qalai Naw Branch

Location Address: 13th District Qalai Naw Kabul

Telephone number: +93(0)791153643 or +93(0)791153637

7. Finca KABUL-2 Branch

Location Address: Charikar Charikar City, in front of Sadiqi Padsha, 2nd floor, Parwan Afghanistan

Telephone number: +93(0)791153620 or +93(0)791153637

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8. Finca Khair Khana Branch – Afghanistan

Location Address: Khisht OkhtefStatation, Lessay Maryam, Kabul Afghanistan

Telephone number: +93(0)791153744 or +93(0)791153637

9. Finca Koti Sangi Branch – Afghanistan

Location Address:  Ariyana Kabul Market, 2nd floor, Kote Sangi, Kabul Afghanistan

Telephone number: +93(0)791153767 or +93(0)791153637

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10. Finca Qala-e-Fethullah Branch

Location Address: 2nd Floor of Bahrain Plaza, Madina Bazar, Qalai Fathullah, Kabul Afghanistan

Telephone number: +93(0)791153823 or +93(0)791153637

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