Complete list of Fidelity bank branches in Kumasi, the location of the office and the contact details.

Fidelity Bank Branches In Kumasi 2023, Office Location, Contact, & Address

Are you finding it difficult to locate the Fidelity Bank office in Kumasi? Don’t worry much about that. It happens to many people. Some of the locations to these branches in Kumasi are a little challenging, which is why I have painstakingly compiled a list of all the offices of the Fidelity Bank Ghana and their locations in the Ashanti regional capital.

This is aimed at making your day-to-day banking experience very smooth for you.

Without wasting time, let me go straight to the point.

These are the Fidelity Bank branches in Kumasi:

1. Fidelity Bank Office At Adum On The Osei Tutu Avenue

The first location for the Fidelity Bank in Kumasi in Adum is on the Osei Tutu I Avenue.

At this branch, you have all that you need to enjoy Co-operate and other forms of banking.

There is ATM available at this Adum branch, and it is accessible 24/7. With the ATM, you have unlimited access to your funds during working hours, day, and night.

Fortunately for those who visit this Adum branch, they work on Saturdays too. For weekdays, the usual banking days are from Monday to Friday and opens at 8:30 am but closes at 5:00 pm.

Another useful service offered by the Fidelity Bank in Adum on the Osei Tutu Avenue is the E-Zwich system.

You can use E-Zwich and make secure and convenient transactions.

The phone number of this Adum office is +233 322 047 480.

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2. Fidelity Adum Post Office Branch – Kumasi

At the general post office at Adum in Kumasi, you will find another branch of Fidelity Bank Ghana. At this office, you are assured of quality customer service and the best of banking services.

They offer its customers a wide range of excellent products that are tailored to your needs as an individual, an institution, or a company.

Serving one of the busiest places in Kumasi, the Fidelity post office branch is poised at giving you the best of financial services.

You are assured of an efficient ATM service that works 24 hours a day and seven (7) days a week.

There are no interruptions and unwarranted breakdowns or outages.

The usual banking hours for this office are from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm from Mondays to Fridays.

Furthermore, if you are one of those people who are always busy during the weekdays, then the Fidelity Post office branch in Kumasi opens on Saturdays.

You can walk into the banking hall on Saturdays from 9:00am, but they close at 2:00pm.

I know this is not the usual banking hours, but hey, it is fair since that is how most Saturday banking operates.

Call the customer care service at the Adum Post office branch in Kumasi on this phone number: +233 209 532 479.

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3. Fidelity Bank Ghana Adum PZ Branch

The PZ location in Adum is at House Number OTB 310, Oak Arcade.

There is an ATM available, and it accepts a wide variety of cards, including the most common ones like VISA, and Mastercard, among others.

The working hours are from 8:30 in the morning to 5:00 in the evening from Monday to Friday.

It is unfortunate this branch does not open on weekends, so Saturday banking is not available.

However, the ATM is available 24/7 and is fully functional.

The contact number for the Fidelity Adum PZ branch is +233 209 523 417.

4. The Adum Sagoe Lane Branch – Kumasi

This Fidelity Bank branch in Kumasi is located on 147 OTB Osei Tutu Avenue at Adum.

The direction to this location is not that complicated.

Like most of the Fidelity bank offices in Ghana, the working hours is 8:30 am – 5:00 pm from Mondays to Fridays.

More importantly, this Fidelity office at Adum opens on Saturdays but starts work at 9:00 am and closes at 2:00 in the afternoon.

To contact them, call this telephone number; +233 209 533 400.

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5. Fidelity Bank Ahodwo Branch – Kumasi

Another office of the Fidelity Bank in Kumasi is located at Ahodwo. The actual location of this branch is on the old Bekwai Road.

You can find them along the way opposite the Kings Hotel and adjacent to the Nadville Company Limited.

At this Fidelity bank, you are assured of safe and secure banking.

The downside is that they don’t work on Saturdays so it would be wise to do everything possible to visit them during the weekdays.

The good news, however, is the availability of an ATM that works 24 hours.

If, for any obvious reason, you will need to be at the Ahodwo Fidelity branch in person, then you need to go there from Mondays to Fridays.

The working hours are, as usual, from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

The mobile number to call the Fidelity office at Ahodwo is 0544-337-327.

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6. Atonsu Office – Fidelity Bank In Kumasi

One of the outstanding Fidelity bank branches in Kumasi is located at Atonsu.

This Atonsu office is well-equipped with the best services and products to take your banking needs to the next level.

Their products range from mobile and internet banking services to other individual and cooperate banking.

The Atonsu office also has ATM and E-Zwich services, which allows you to make unlimited transactions at your convenience.

They are open only on weekdays, thus from Mondays to Fridays. The working hours are from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

The bank does not open on weekends, so Saturday banking is unavailable.

It is, therefore, imperative to visit the bank during the weekdays and avoid Fridays in particular since the banking hall might be congested.

If you wish to call the bank, then the phone number is 0544336361.

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7. Krobo Odumasi (KO) Methodist Branch

At Krobo Odumasi, you will get access to a Fidelity branch where you can carry out all your financial activities. This branch is not so busy, so you will not keep that long.

All the products of Fidelity Bank are available at the Krobo Odumasi branch, so you do not need to worry at all.

Here are other Fidelity Bank Branches in Kumasi:

8. Santasi Branch

9. Baba Yara Stadium Branch

10. Suame Main Branch

11. Tarkwa Maako Branch

A Table Of Fidelity Bank Branch Locations And Contact Numbers In Kumasi

Branch NameLocationContact Number
Adum BranchOsei Tutu I Avenue, Adum+233322047480
Adum Post BranchGeneral Post Office, Adum ,Kumasi+233209532479
Adum PZ BranchHouse Number OTB 310, Oak Arcade+233209532417
Adum Sagoe Lane Branch147 OTB Osei Tutu Avenue, Adum - Kumasi+233209532400
Ahodwo BranchOld Bekwai Road Adjacent Nadville Company Limited And Opposite Kings Hotel+233544337327
Atonsu BranchLake Road Atonsu Kumasi+233544336361
KO Methodist BranchMethodist Book Depot, Wesleyan Society Complex, Number 6 KO, Kejetia Market, near Adehyeman Gardens, Mprom+233209532461
Santasi BranchPlot Number 5, Southern Bypass Road - Danyame Old Bekwai Road, Kumasi+233209532434
Stadium Post BranchBaba Yara Sports Stadium Kumasi+233322049814
Suame Main BranchPlot Number 19, BLK XIV, Opposite the Water Tower, Suame - Kumasi+233244344029
Tarkwa Maakro BranchTarkwa Maakro+233209532479

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Is Fidelity Bank Ghana An International Bank?

NO. Fidelity Bank Ghana is not an international bank, so it does not operate in other countries at the moment.

It is a commercial bank that has been issued a Universal Banking License to operate in the country.

Fidelity Bank is one of the top-performing financial institutions in Ghana with its headquarters at Ridge Towers in Accra.

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