Ecobank branches in Kumasi

Ecobank Branches In Kumasi, 2023, List Of Ecobank Ghana Branches Ashanti Region

Are you aware there are many Ecobank branches in Kumasi? If not, then welcome to The Branch Locator, where we give you a complete list of major bank branches in Ghana and other places.

In today’s guide, we are going to show you all the Ecobank branches in Kumasi and other parts of the Ashanti Region.
Also, we will add some of the Ecobank Ghana branches in Kumasi, where you can find ATM for faster and safe banking.

While visiting the banking hall for your transactions, there are many instances where you do not need to go to the bank. Ecobank has many digital banking products and services that you can use to make deposits and withdrawals to your bank account.

Thus, you can access the Ecobank mobile and internet banking services right on your phone.

With that said. You do not need to visit these Ecobank branches in the Ashanti Region or any other office just because you can make those transactions using the digital banking services.

Moreover, all the Ecobank Ghana branches in Kumasi have contact numbers and email addresses that you can use if you wish to contact the customer support center.

If you, however, want to still go to the bank in person, then we are here to help you find all the Ecobank branches in Ashanti Region.

List Of Ecobank Branches In Kumasi

The following are the list of Ecobank branches in Kumasi:

1. Ecobank Adum Branch

2. Ecobank Kejetia Branch

3. Ecobank Bantama Branch

4. Ecobank Ashtown Branch

5. Ecobank Maakro Branch

6. Ecobank Kumasi Tafo Branch

7. Ecobank Stadium Amakom Branch

8. Ecobank Abrepo Main Branch

9. Ecobank Kumasi Cocobod Branch

10. Ecobank KNUST Branch

11. Ecobank Tanoso Branch

12. Ecobank Abrepo Junction

13. Ecobank Suame Branch

14. Ecobank Kumasi Harper Road Branch

As you have seen from comprehensive the list above, there are many Ecobank branches in Kumasi.

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What Products And Services Are Offered At The Ecobank Branches In Kumasi

There are a variety of banking and financial services offered by Ecobank Ghana Limited at all the offices, and this is not limited to only the branches in Kumasi.

Thus, Ecobank has designed many banking products and services to meet your different financial needs. You can access all these services at any Ecobank office in Kumasi.

Here are the banking services and products by Ecobank Ghana:

  • Savings & Current Account
  • Savings And Loans
  • Credit and Debit Cards
  • Payments & Money Transfers
  • Investment Solutions
  • Bancassurance Services
  • Mobile Banking
  • Internet Banking
  • Microfinance
  • Personal & Business Banking

Those are some of the important banking services you can enjoy at the bank.

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Do Ecobank Ghana Work On Saturday?

Yes, Ecobank Ghana actually works throughout the whole week, with the exception of Sundays and public holidays. This means Ecobank work on Saturdays as well.

That is good news.

What is not so pleasant is that the Ecobank Saturday banking hours is not like that of the weekdays (Mondays to Fridays).

But that is reasonable enough. All other banks do the same. Saturday banking hours are shorter. On Saturdays, the Ecobank branches open around 9:00 am and close at 1:00 pm.

Please note that the Saturday banking services are not limited to only the Ecobank Ghana offices in Kumasi. You can also visit offices in other parts of the country on weekends.

That is it for all the Ecobank branches in Kumasi. Happy banking!

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