Republic Bank branches in Accra

Republic Bank Branches In Accra 2023, List Of HFC Bank Branches, Contact, Hours

Do you know there are more Republic Bank branches in Accra than you actually think? Yes, that is a fact, and we will show you all those HFC Bank branches in the Greater Accra Region that you re not know.

HFC Bank rebranded and changed its name to Republic Bank Ghana Limited. But what happens to the branches, especially those in Accra. We are not saying the Republic Bank branches in other parts of Ghana are not affected by the rebrand.

Far from that.

The truth is that Republic Bank has many offices in Accra than any region in the country.

Because of that, we are going to list all the Republic Bank branches in Accra, including where to locate these HFC Bank branches, their contact numbers as well as addresses to the branch locations in Accra.

Do you wish to visit the banking hall in any part of Accra? Don’t worry as we guide you every step of the way.

You can visit any of the branches listed below for your personal and business banking and financial services.

One thing that you may not know is that you do not always have to go to the bank where you created your bank account.

You can make deposits or withdrawals at any Republic Bank branch in Accra. Yes, you can visit any other bank either than where you opened your account.

Also, the good news is that Republic Bank Ghana has other banking products such as Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, etc. that will enable you to perform transactions on your mobile phone.

List Of Republic Bank Branches In Accra

The following are the complete list of Republic Bank branches in Accra:

1. Republic Bank Head Office North Ridge Branch

2. Republic Bank Accra Central Branch

3. Republic Bank Achimota Branch

4. Republic Bank Madina Branch

5. Republic Bank Tema Branch

6. Republic Bank Ashiaman Branch

7. Republic Bank Ridge Branch

8. Republic Bank Tudu Branch

9. Republic Bank Baatsona Branch

10. Republic Bank Private Bank Branch

11. Republic Bank Accra Post office Square Branch

12. Republic Bank Adabraka Branch

13. Republic Bank Dansoman Branch

14. Republic Bank Adjiriganor Branch

15. Republic Bank Tema Community 25 Branch

Those are the Republic Bank branches in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

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Republic Bank Ghana Saturday Banking

Are you wondering which Republic Bank branch to visit on Saturdays? Most Republic Bank branches offer Saturday banking services, and it is time to utilize the service. Meaning, you can visit the banking hall on Saturdays and enjoy all the banking and financial services as you used to get on weekdays.

Thus you can access your savings account, current account, ATM services, and more on Saturdays.

You must, however, note that the Saturday banking hours are different from that of the weekdays (Mondays to Fridays).

That is a fair deal.

It is not only Republic Bank that does that because all other banks that work on Saturdays close earlier than the usual banking hours.

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Does Republic Bank Branches In Accra Offer Internet Banking Services?

Republic Bank Ghana Limited offers internet banking services for all its customers. You can visit any of the branches in Accra and register for the service. It is important to note that this service is not limited to only those Republic Bank customers in Accra alone.

Anyone can register for the digital banking platform (mobile banking and internet banking).

Should you encounter any problems, you can contact the Republic Bank customer service through their contact numbers, and they will be happy to assist you.

Now you have seen all the Republic Bank branches in Accra; it is time to take your personal and business banking to the next level.

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