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Many people keep asking if we can provide a list of all the Absa Branches in Accra and if they are different from the Barclays Bank offices in Accra. Once again, we will deliver on that here at The Branch Locator.

The following are all the Absa Bank branches in Accra:

1. Absa Bank Dansoman Branch Near Me In Accra

This Absa branch in Accra is located at Dansoman Roundabout.

The Dansoman branch has everything you will need for personal and business banking.

The postal address for this branch is PO Box Ds 230, Dansoman – Greater Accra.

You can call the Absa customer service center in Dansoman on these phone numbers: (233) (30) 2302460-3.

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2. Absa Bank Ridge Branch

Another Absa branch in Accra is located at Ridge. Here, you are assured of smooth banking services.

You can do virtually anything at the bank, including registering for new Absa products or making your usual deposits and withdrawals.

The address is Ridge Branch, Near Gamel Abdul Nasser Ave – Greater Accra.

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3. Absa Bank Nester Square Branch

Accra is saturated with so many banks, but very few of these banks have the customer at heart.

All that most banks want is for you to subscribe to their products and deposit your money, so they get profit from your hard-earned money.

The Absa branch at Nester Square in Accra is somehow different. They will make sure you the customer is satisfied in and out of the banking hall.

The staff there are very professional.

The location for this branch is Nester Square Mall, Airport City Enclave.

You can send your mail to PO Box Ct 488, Accra.

If you want to call the Absa Nester Square branch, then use these telephone numbers: (233) (30) 2788927/2788928.

What is more, the Nester Square branch work from Monday to Friday and Saturdays as well.

Saturday banking makes it easy for you to focus on your work during weekdays, and if the need arises, go to the banking hall on Saturdays.

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4. Absa Bank Spintex Road Branch – Accra

If you want prestige service in Accra, then head to the Absa branch at Spintex Road.

They offer everything you can expect from any commercial bank. The working hours are Mondays to Fridays from 8:30am to 4:30pm and Saturdays from 9:00am to 2:00pm.

You can locate the Absa branch at Spintex Road at the Akushie Plaza, Spintex Road.

Their postal address is P.o. Box Sk 381, Sakumono – Greater Accra.

In case you want to call the Spintex Road branch, the numbers to call are as follows: (233) (30) 2815805/2815806.

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5. Absa Bank Teshie Nungua Branch

The people in Teshie Nungua and its environs have access to one of the finest Absa Bank branches in Accra.

Like any other branch, the Teshie Nungua office has all the products you will require for your banking needs.

You can signup for Internet banking services, savings accounts, current accounts, apply for loans, and many more.

You can locate this Absa Bank branch in Accra Opposite the Nungua Cold Store.

Their postal address is Post Office Box GP 2949, Accra.

Should the need arise, you can call the Absa Bank branch on these phone numbers: (233) (30) 2714288/2714387.

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6. Absa Bank Legon Main Branch

If you want a cool place for your banking activities and you are near Legon, then head to this Absa branch.

They have strong security measures to keep their customers safe as well as protect their valuables.

You can find this Absa Bank branch in Legon Opposite the Legon ECG.

The postal address is P.o. Box Lg 23, Legon – Greater Accra.

You can always call the office lines on (233) (30) 2520738/2520739.

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7. Absa Bank East Legon Branch

The East Legon branch is located at American House Roundabout Road, East Legon – Greater Accra.

Like any other Absa branch in Accra and other parts of Ghana, the East Legon branch offer exceptional banking services to their customers.

The professional staff at the bank make you feel welcome in the banking hall.

They always explain things to you in the minutest detail.

You never get confused or frustrated at the bank.

When you visit the bank, all your needs will be met, but sometimes placing a call will get your queries answered in a matter of minutes.

You can call the East Legon branch on the following telephone numbers: (233) (30) 282 3008/ (233) (28) 9543004/ (233) (57) 7675027.

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8. Absa Bank Tema Main Branch – Accra

The Tema Main branch is located at Central Market Area, Tema Community 1, in the Greater Accra region.

Contact numbers are (233) 303204051 – 3.

You can visit the banking hall should you need the services of the customer care desk or if you want to access any of the Absa banking services that are not available on the digital platforms.

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9. Absa Bank Knutsford Avenue Branch

You can find this bank at the Kantamanto in Accra.

The contact numbers are (233) (30) 2664507/ (57) 7685140.

10. Absa Bank Ring Road Central Branch – Accra

Location address: Randolph House at Asylum Down, Ring Road Central – Greater Accra Region.

Contact number: (233) (30) 2254392

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11. Absa Bank Accra High Street Branch

Location: Absa House, High Street.

Postal address: Post Office Box Gp 2949, Accra.

Contact numbers: (233) (30) 2664901-4/2667247.

Saturday banking: YES.

Other Absa Bank Branches Near Me In Accra

12. Absa Bank Haatso Branch Near Me In Accra

You can find this Absa Bank branch in Accra at Haatso, specifically on the Abrefi Plaza at West Legon.

They offer Saturday banking from 9am to 2pm.

Meaning you do not have to stress yourself on weekdays to rush to the bank, especially on Fridays.

The Absa postal address is Post Office Box Gp 2949, Accra.

You can call the Absa staff at the Haatso branch on this telephone number: (233) (30) 2520524.

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13. Absa Bank Avenue Central Branch

Location: Pasico House, Adabraka.

Postal address: Post Office Box Gp 3073, Accra.

Telephone numbers: (233) (30) 2221521 /2221546.

14. Absa Bank Abeka Lapaz Branch

Location: They are located on the Akrogate Towers, Motorway Extension at Abeka Lapaz in Accra.

This doesn’t mean only Absa customers at Abeka Lapaz can access banking services at the bank.

In fact, everyone can subscribe to any of the financial services the bank offers.

You can contact the Abeka Lapaz customer service on these telephone numbers: (233) (30) 2408818/2410882.

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15. Absa Bank Circle Branch

The location and postal address for the Circle branch are Kwame Nkrumah Avenue, P.o. Box An 5243, Accra.

If you want to call the Absa Bank customer Care at the Circle branch, then call these numbers: (233) (30) 2228720/2228730.

You may be sorted on the phone, but sometimes you need to visit the banking hall in person to get some issues solved.

16. Absa Bank Tema Fishing Harbour Branch

Location: Tema Fishing Harbour.

Postal address: Post Office Box Co 153, Tema – Greater Accra.

Contact address: (233) (30) 3202506/3206350.

17. Absa Bank Darkuman Branch Near Me In Accra

The postal address for the Absa Darkuman office is P.o. Box Dk 265, Darkuman in Accra.

If you want to reach out to the customer service at Darkuman, then you need to call these telephone numbers: (233) (30) 2303881/2303884.

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18. Absa Bank Makola Square Branch

Location: Makola Square on the Pagan Road in Accra.

Contact numbers: (233) (30) 2665756/2666721.

19. Absa Bank North Kaneshie Branch And Prestige Centre

The North Kaneshie branch serves not only the people at Kaneshie but the entire Accra and even the whole of Ghana.

Location: Near St. Theresa’s School – Greater Accra

20. Absa Bank Kaneshie Branch

The Kaneshie branch can be found at Kaneshie, just adjacent to STC.

The postal address for this branch is Post Office Box Kn 166, Kaneshie.

You can call the customer service at the Absa Kaneshie branch on these numbers: (233) (30) 2224058/2220776.

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21. Absa Bank Madina Branch Near Me In Accra

The postal address is Post Office Box Md 1426, Accra.

If you want to call customer service at the Madina branch, then use any of these official telephone numbers: (233) (30) 2521131/(28) 9540001-2.

22. Absa Bank Maamobi Branch

This Absa branch is near the Kotobabi Police Station. The Maamobi is located in one of the busiest parts you of Accra.

That notwithstanding, you always enjoy smooth banking.

Call the Maamobi branch on (233) (30) 2252166/2251556.

23. Absa Bank Achimota Branch

You can locate the Achimota branch on the Sonnidom Plaza at Mile 7.

Contact the Absa Achimota branch on these telephone numbers: (233) (30) 2402640/2402650.

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24. Absa Bank Legon Branch – Accra

This Absa office is located right on the University Of Ghana (Legon) Campus.

The postal address for this branch is Post Office Box Lg 23, Legon – Accra.

If you wish to call the Legon Absa branch, then the telephone number is (233) 577665196.

25. Absa Bank Osu Branch

The Osu branch is one of a kind. The staff there are welcoming with a good sense of customer satisfaction at heart.

You can place a call to this phone number, and the customer service at the Osu branch will solve your issues: (233) 577683502/0577683503.

26. Absa Bank Ridge Branch

The Absa branch at Ridge in Accra is located at No. 53 & 54 European Residential Area at Ringway Estates.

Call the customer services on these telephone numbers: (233) 302779226/577739917.

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27. Absa Bank Ashaiman Branch Near Me In Accra

To call the Ashaiman office, use these telephone numbers: (233) (30) 3974860/ (57) 2232857.

These are all the Absa Bank branches in Accra. You can call or visit any of these Absa branches for all your banking needs.

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Here are the PO Box guides98878774042477251.

Absa Ghana FAQs

What Does Absa Stand For

Absa is actually an acronym that stands for Amalgamated Banks of South Africa. The bank is a subsidiary of ABSA Group Limited in South Africa.

How Do I Check My Absa Account Balance Online

If you want to check your Absa bank account balance, you need to dial the mobile banking *895# on your phone. Enter your PIN. Select option 4 for Account Services. After that, press 1 for Balance Enquiry. Finally, select the Absa bank account number to check your balance.

Who Qualifies For Absa Instant Loan

For you to qualify for Absa Instant Loan, you need to have the following:
1. National ID card
2. Fill the Absa Loan application form
3. Certified bank statement
4. Latest payslip
5. You must note that both Absa account holders and non-accountholders qualify for the Absa loan scheme

How Do I Register For Absa Internet Banking?

To register for Absa internet banking, you must go to the website.
Select the online banking tab.
Click on the "Register Now" button.
Enter your registration details and complete the Absa internet banking sign-up process.

How Many Branches Does Barclays Bank Have In Ghana?

Absa Bank Ghana Has over 50 branches across all the regions in the country. Some of these branches have ATM near the banking hall, while other branch locations do not have ATM, but you can still make deposits and withdrawals.

What Is The Absa Swift Code?

The SWIFT code for Absa Ghana is BARCGHACXXX. You can use this SWIFT or BIC code for bank transfers using your bank account.

Is ABSA The Same As Barclays?

Yes. Barclays Bank was rebranded, and the name changed to Absa. Because of that, Absa is the same as Barclays.

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