List of Absa branches in Uganda

Absa Branches In Uganda – List Of All Barclays Bank Offices In Uganda

Here at The Branch Locator, we are going to list all the Absa Branches In Uganda.

The Absa Bank Uganda Limited was formerly called Barclays Bank of Uganda. Absa Bank Uganda is licensed by the Central Bank of Uganda, which is the body that regulates the national banks in the country.

Barclays Bank Uganda began rebranding to Absa Uganda way back in August 2019. By November 2019, the rebranding process was fully completed, and Barclays Bank was Successfully changed to Absa.

Since then, the business and legal names of Barclays Bank in Uganda became Absa Bank Uganda Limited.

What Is The Full Meaning Of Absa?

ABSA is an acronym that stands for “Amalgamated Banks of South Africa”.

Yes, that is the full meaning of Absa. Maybe you didn’t know, so I see this as a piece of information for you.

From its name, Absa if a fully owned and managed by the ABSA Group Limited.

But which banks make up the ABSA Group?

In 1991, Absa was formed as a result of the merger of some financial service providers, including the Sage Group, United Bank, Volkskas Bank Group, the Allied Bank, etc.

Now that you know a bit of information about what Absa is and what it is made of, it is time for me to go to the business of the day, which is giving you the list of Absa branches in Uganda.

List Of Absa Branches In Uganda

You may be wondering if the Barclays Bank offices in Uganda are going to be closed down for new offices to be opened for Absa?

The obvious truth is that all the old Barclays offices and ATMs will continue to function and still be used by Absa customers in Uganda.

So in effect, it is the Absa bank logo and colors that will be used at the banking halls as well as other Absa services instead of the old Barclays Bank colors.

Getting that out of the way, here is the list of Absa branches in Uganda:

1. Absa Bugoloobi Branch

The Absa office in Bugoloobi is located on 128 Spring Road, Bugoloobi in Kampala.

2. Absa Bank Head Office Branch

You can locate this Absa branch on the number 2 Hannington Road, Nakasero.

3. Absa Premier Banking Branch

This is another Absa Bank branch in Kampala. It is located on the Hannington Road at Shimoni Road in Nakasero.

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4. Absa Garden City Prestige Centre

If you want to visit the Garden City branch, then head over to the Yusuf Lule Road in Kampala.

The staff at the banking hall are very professional with a good sense of customer satisfaction.

5. Absa Kampala Road Branch

This is one of the numerous Absa Bank branches in Kampala. It is in a busy place in Kampala, but the banking hall and its environs are very serene for smooth banking. The bank is located at 16 Kampala Road, Kampala.

6. Absa Kansanga Branch

The Absa branch in Kansanga can be located on 529 Ggaba Road in Kansanga, Kampala.

The bank can actually be found at the junction of the Ggaba road and the Luti Mukasa road.

This Absa branch is in a community that is heavily saturated with Schools and restaurants. Some of the popular restaurants and lounges in the area are De Gogo’s Lounge, White Nector Bar & Restaurant, Beverly Hills Bar & Lounge.

Prominent schools close to the bank are the International University of East Africa and the Newcastle High School.

7. Absa Kireka Branch

This branch is in one of the busy places of the Kireka township on the number 174 Kampala-Jinja Highway. The direction to the Absa branch in Kireka is easy to follow.

It is in the same area as the Shaq gym and Spa, the Apex Hotel on one side of the road and Divine Ambassadors Ministries, KKK Traders, and Wills Auto Garage on the other side of the road.

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8. Absa Luwum Street Branch

This is one of the busiest Absa branches in Uganda. As the name implies, this bank is located on the Luwum road at the junction of Burton Street.

The bank is just a walking distance from Alulex Supplies, Royal Plaza, Majestic Plaza, Park Enkadde Mall, City Square Hotel, and the Kampala Taxi Park.

9. Absa Kawempe Branch

You can locate this Absa branch in Uganda in the Katongole Building.

The location address is number 2522 Masindi Highway in Kawempe, Kampala – Uganda.

10.Absa Wandegeya Branch

The bank is located on 170 Bombo Road, near the Wandegeya market in Kampala.

It is close to the Food and Agricultural Organisation’s office in Kampala and also near the Plus Medic Pharmacy, Abii Clinic, and the PostBank Uganda office all in Wandegeya.

11. Absa Lubowa Branch

Location: Quality Hill Shopping Complex on the number 1621 Lubowa Estate in Lubowa.

Like any other Absa office in Uganda, the Lubowa branch has many banking and financial products to meet the needs of every Ugandan.

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12. Absa Shauri Yako Branch

You can locate this Absa branch along the Nakivubo Road in Kampala – Uganda. It is found between the Nakivubo Trading Center building and the Shauri Yako market.

At this branch, you have access to all the financial services provided by Absa bank in Uganda. They have a real sense of value for money and customer satisfaction.

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13. Absa Lugazi Branch

The Absa Lugazi branch can be found on 121 Kampala Road in Lugazi. The direction to the place is not so difficult to locate.

You can visit the banking hall in person or call the customer service personnel and they will be happy to help you with any concerns related to your bank account or any of the numerous Absa products.

14. Absa Lugogo Branch

You can locate the Absa Lugogo branch in Uganda on the 2 – 8 Lugogo Bypass Road in Lugogo.

Should you encounter any problems with your Absa account or any of their banking services, then do not hesitate to reach out to them.

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15. Absa Kansanga Branch

The Absa branch in Kansanga can be located on 529 Ggaba Road in Kansanga, Kampala.

Those are the Absa branches in Uganda and you can visit the banking halls in those places mentioned in this post and make your transactions at the bank.

16. Absa Naakulabye Branch

You can locate this office at the 1254 City Petrol Station along the Makerere Hill Road in Naakulabye.

It is situated in a serene environment to give you a sound banking experience.

Because they have all the Absa banking services, you can do almost everything at the bank.

Another interesting thing you will notice is the customer service. The staff at the banking hall are very professional with a good sense of customer satisfaction.

17. Absa Nakawa Branch

This Absa branch location offers all the banking and financial services you can get from the bank.

You can locate this branch in the URA building along the 1-3 Sebei lane at Nakawa, Kampala, in Uganda.

Those are the Absa Bank Uganda branches for all customers to make deposits and withdrawals.

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