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List Of First Atlantic Bank Branches In Ghana – List Of All Offices In Ghana

What are the First Atlantic Bank branches in Ghana? In today’s post, we are going to list all the offices where you can visit for deposits, withdrawals, or any other banking service.

At The Branch Locator, we receive many emails about the First Atlantic branches in Accra, Kumasi, Tema, and Takoradi. Because of that, we have compiled a list of all the locations in the country where you can find First Atlantic Bank Ghana Limited.

The list includes the location, phone numbers, addresses, as well as whether there are ATM services or not. It is interesting to note that some of these branches are open on weekends (Saturdays) so you access some Saturday banking services available to you at your branch.

Here is the list of First Atlantic Bank branches in Ghana

First Atlantic Bank Website

The following are the First Atlantic Bank branches in Ghana:

1. First Atlantic Bank Head Office Branch

The Head Office of the First Atlantic Bank is located on the Atlantic Palace at West Ridge in Accra. The main office is a few minute’s walks from the Wesley House – Methodist headquarters by Liberation road and the AirtelTigo office by the Barnes road.

The location address of First Atlantic Bank Ghana head office is Number 1 Seventh Avenue at West Ridge, Accra, Ghana.

If you want to call the head office, then use these telephone numbers: +233 (0)30 268 0825/6, or (0)30 268 2203/4

Those who prefer to send emails can forward their queries to, and the staff at the head office will attend to you.

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2. First Atlantic Bank Airport Branch

Airport Accra Branch

Airport Branch

The Airport branch is located in Accra on number 47 Patrice Lumumba Road. First Atlantic Bank Airport branch is opposite the National Service Secretariat headquarters Access Bank.

It is in the same area as the Koala Shopping Center, Access Bank, Enterprise Insurance, and the New Beijing Chinese Restaurant all at the Airport in Accra.

You can call the First Atlantic Bank Airport branch on these phone numbers +233 (0)30 279 7983/4.

The official email address of the Airport branch is

3. First Atlantic Bank North Ridge Branch

This is one of the finest branches of First Atlantic Bank in Accra. The staff there are very welcoming, and they have customer satisfaction at heart.

At the North Ridge branch, you can be assured of total peace of mind with either personal or business banking.

You are assured of exclusive access to private and business banking services by dedicated executive bankers.

Do you wish to visit the bank?

That is no big deal. Getting your way to the bank is no herculean task. The First Atlantic Bank, North Ridge branch, can be found at Number 3 Dr. Isert street at North Ridge in Accra.

This office is located between the Alisa Hotel and the AB and David Law Firm. It is a walking distance from the German Embassy and even very close to Atlantis FM.

Don’t worry if you cannot go to the bank in person. You can always call this phone number +233 (0)30 221 8054/5, and the First Atlantic Bank customer service personnel will be glad to speak with you.

The official email address for the North Ridge branch is

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4. First Atlantic Bank Abeka Lapaz Branch

On the George Walker Bush (N1) Highway, you can locate the First Atlantic Bank Lapaz branch on the Fraga Oil filling station premise.

This office is near the Tecno Office as well as the St Paul Driving Academy in Abeka Lapaz.

If you are coming from the Lapaz GPRTU lorry station, then you need to cross the N1 highway to the other side and head to the Fraga Oil filling station. That is where you can find the First Atlantic Bank.

Contact the Abeka Lapaz branch on (0)30 707 9311.

The official email address for the First Atlantic Lapaz branch is

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5. First Atlantic Bank Weija Branch

If you are at Weija and its environs, then you are lucky. The First Atlantic Bank Weija branch has all you will need for personal and business banking.

You can withdraw and deposit money at the bank without joining a long queue or facing many difficulties.

You also have access to the numerous financial services offered by the bank.

In this day and age of technology, most people resort to mobile banking as well as other digital forms of banking to access their funds.

If you are one of such technology-driven people, then First Atlantic Bank got you covered. You can visit the bank and register for your favorite banking product.

The Weija branch is located off the Winneba-Accra Road at House number S.V 18A. Sampaman, Accra

If you are in doubt at all about any of their services, then call these numbers +233 (0)30 – 221 8050/51.

The official email address for the Weija branch is

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6. First Atlantic Bank Kotobabi Branch

This branch is on the Kotobabi – Alajo road and close to the Shell filling station just after the Ecobank office. The Kotobabi branch is just adjacent to the Accra/Tema lorry station.

You can call the Kotobabi office on these phone numbers: 057 768 7181/5/6.

7. First Atlantic Bank Spintex Road Branch

This is the First Atlantic branch at Spintex

Spintex Road Branch

This is one of the busiest of all the First Atlantic Bank branches in Ghana. It serves the good people of Accra, especially those around Spintex, Teshie, Madina Estate, Ashaley Botwe, Ablekuma, and even Baatsona.

The staff at the Spintex branch are highly professionals with a good sense of customer satisfaction.

They have every product that you can expect from a progress-seeking bank.

Locating the First Atlantic Bank Spintex branch is not difficult at all. The bank is very close to the Coca-Cola roundabout and is immediately adjacent to the Finatrade building.

It is a walking distance from the Jumia Warehouse and even closer to the Samsung office at Spintex road.

If you know the Earnest Chemist or the Goil filling station at Spintex, then the bank is at the opposite end of the road.

Contact the Spintex office on +233 (0)30 703 8381/2.

Send your emails to

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8. First Atlantic Bank Adum II Branch

At Adum in Kumasi, you can locate First Atlantic Bank at Prisons Roundabout. At this bank, you are assured of safe banking. The staff there are very meticulous with their work, and they treat each customer as the king or queen they deserve.

The First Atlantic Bank in Adum serves the many people of Bantama, Asafo, Adum, Patasi, Suntreso, and everybody from far and near Kumasi.

Call the Adum branch on this phone number: +233 (0)32 249 2745.

The official email address for the Adum branch is

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9. First Atlantic Bank Takoradi Branch

In the Western Region, you can locate First Atlantic bank at Takoradi on the Far West Premises. This branch is at the Takoradi market circle.

The environment is a busy place, but the banking hall is serene for you to carry out your transactions without any distractions. Security at the bank is second to none.

For those of you who drive to the bank, you have a space to park your car so you can have peace of mind to make your deposits or withdrawals. You don’t need to think so much about the safety of your belongings.

Call the First Atlantic Bank office in Takoradi on these phone numbers: +233(0)31 200 3355/66

The official email address for the Takoradi branch is

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10. First Atlantic Bank Tamale Branch

This bank is located in the heart of the tamale township. It is opposite the OLA Catholic Cathedral on the hospital road.

It is a few minute’s drive from the Tamale Central Hospital, Jubilee park, and the Tamale Cultural Center.

Call the Tamale branch on +233 (0)271 222 230.

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