Samsung shops in Nairobi

Samsung Dealer Shops In Nairobi 2023, Find Electronic Stores In Kenya

Welcome to another crucial article about the list of Samsung Shops in Nairobi, Kenya.

Samsung, as we all know, is a very profitable brand across the world and more especially Kenya.

When you buy electronic products from any of the many Samsung Dealer shops in Nairobi, you are assured of quality and durability.

They have expanded their territories to almost all the continents, including Africa.

Therefore, you should not be surprised they have accredited stores in most areas within Kenya, Nairobi, to be precise.

Do you need a Samsung Galaxy phone? Maybe you need their Smart tv, do not worry, visit any of the Samsung phone and TV outlets in Nairobi and buy your favorite Samsung electronic products.

At the end of this interesting post, you will know their various branch locations, contacts, and many more.

The following are all the Samsung Stores in Nairobi.

1. Samsung Experience Shop Makarim Limited Hilton Arcade – Nairobi

Store Location Address: Hilton Shopping Arcade, Mama Ngina Street.

Store Contact number: 0712 444555


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2. Samsung Experience Shop Landmark – Nairobi

Store Location Address: Kca Building, Monrovia Street.

Store Contact number: 0717 524477


3. Samsung Shop In Nairobi – Experience Store Dixons Sarit

Store Location Address: Sarit Centre, Karuna Road.

Store Contact number: 0722 442200


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4. Samsung Dealer Shop In Nairobi – Experience Store Galaxy Capital Center

Store Location Address: Captial Centre, Mombasa Road.

Store Contact number: 0707 666511


5. Samsung Experience Store Phonelink Westgate – Kenya

Store Location Address: Westgate Shopping Mall, Mwanzi Road.

Store Contact number: 0754 333642 l 0774 859524


6. Samsung Experience Store In Kenya – Galaxy Mobiles And Accessories 1 Ciata

Store Location Address: Ciata- Opp. Ridgeways Shopping Centre, Kiambu Road.

Store Contact number: 0704 252354

Email: Samsungridgeways@gmail

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7. Samsung Dealer Shops In Nairobi – Experience Store Playground

Store Location Address: Valley Arcade, Gitanga Road.

Store Contact number: N0708 183122


8. Samsung Experience Store Tricom Village Market – Kenya

Store Location Address: Village Market, Limuru Road.

Store Contact number: 0723 930 000


9. Samsung Shop In Nairobi – Experience Store Junction Mall Dixon

Store Location Address: Junction Shopping Mall, Ngong Road.

Store Contact number: 0720 623333


10. Samsung Experience Store Galaxy 4 Garden City

Store Location Address: Garden City Shopping Mall, Thika Road.

Store Contact number: 0713 049762


11. Samsung Experience Store Buruburu – Kenya

Store Location Address: The Point Mall, Buruburu Road.

Store Contact number: 0717 524499


12. Samsung Shops In Nairobi – Experience Store Galleria Brand Shop N – A

Store Location Address: Galleria Shopping Mall, Langata Road.

Store Contact number: 0706 521523 | 0731 295088


13. Samsung Experience Store Galaxy Mobiles And Accessories 5 Ltd – The Hub

Store Location Address: The Hub Karen.

Store Contact number: 0704 252354.

Email: Samsungridgeways@gmail.

14. Samsung Dealer Shop In Kenya – Experience Store Delite

Store Location Address: Icea Building, Banda Street.

Store Contact number: 0792 249697


15. Samsung Shop In Nairobi – Panna Music

Store Location Address: Oginga Odinga Street.

Store Contact number: 0700 027823


Those are all the list of Samsung shops in Nairobi.

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