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Stanbic Bank Botswana Branches 2023, Contact Details, Branch Codes

Are you struggling to find the Stanbic Bank branches in Botswana? If that is why you came to this website, then you are in the right place.

For many people in locating these Stanbic Bank branches in the country is a daunting task, especially in Garobone, where the city is choked with many companies.

Here at The Branch Locator, we make the process of finding Stanbic Bank branches in Botswana very easy.

All that you need to do now is take your time and read this short guide to the finish.

At any of these branches, you can have all the Stanbic Bank Botswana products and services like Savings and Investment Accounts, Transactional Accounts, Vehicle and Asset Finance, Bancassurance, ATM Banking, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, and Private Banking.

Also, there is a plethora of Business banking Services at all the Stanbic Bank branch locations in the country.

Most people visiting the banking hall are either making deposits, withdrawals, registering for some banking products, or contacting customer support.

In a later section of this guide, we will show you how to contact Stanbic Bank customer care in Bostwana and get a faster response.

How Many Branches Does Stanbic Bank Have

In total, Stanbic Bank has 12 branches in Botswana.

You can find all the 12 Stanbic offices across the entire Botswana. Also, you can walk into any of the banking halls for your transaction either sending or receiving money at the bank.

You can also use the Stabic mobile banking or internet banking services without visiting any of the 12 branches.

List Of Stanbic Bank Branches In Botswana

The following are the Stanbic Bank branches in Botswana:

1. Stanbic Bank Botswana Palapye Branch

2. Stanbic Bank Botswana Francistown Branch

3. Stanbic Bank Botswana CBD Branch

4. Stanbic Bank Botswana Airport Junction Branch

5. Stanbic Bank Botswana Fairgrounds Branch

6. Stanbic Bank Botswana Maun Branch

7. Stanbic Bank Botswana Selebi-Phikwe Branch

8. Stanbic Bank Botswana Industrial Branch

9. Stanbic Bank Botswana Kgale Branch

10. Stanbic Bank Botswana Mogoditshane Branch

11. Stanbic Bank Botswana Acacia Mall Branch

Those are all the branch locations for Stanbic Bank in Botswana. As you may have identified from the list of branches above, many of these Stanbic Bank locations are in Gaborone.

You can visit any of these Stanbic Bank branches in the country and engage in any banking and financial transaction of your choice.

It may be that you needed assistance from the Stanbic Bank customer support team, or you want to register for the many banking products offered by these Stanbic Bank branches in Botswana.

One important thing that you must bear in mind is that you do not need to always visit the branch where you opened your bank account.

You can actually walk to any of the banking halls of Stanbic Bank in Bostwana to access your funds.

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Complete List Of Stanbic Bank Branch Locations In Botswana

Stanbic Bank BranchesTelephone NumbersBranch Address
Stanbic Bank Palapye Branch00267 4920484Plot 7385 PDTrust Mall,
Francistown - Gaborone Road,
Stanbic Bank Francistown Branch00267 2410544Plot 1471 /2 Units 33/4/5
Galo Shopping Centre
Stanbic Bank CBD Branch00267 3619700Plot 54381,The Square
Central Business District
Stanbic Bank Airport Junction Branch00267 3619500Plot 70665, Block 10
Shop 64, Airport Junction Mall
Stanbic Bank Fairgrounds Branch00267 3618000Stanbic House Plot 50672
Off Machel Drive
Fairgrounds Office Park
Stanbic Bank Maun Branch00267 6862132Plot 92
Natlee Centre
Mathiba Road
Stanbic Bank Selebi-Phikwe Branch00267 2610191Plot 2537, Phikwe Square
Selebi- Phikwe
Stanbic Bank Industrial Branch00267 3619800Plot 1271
Travaglini House
Old Lobatse Road
Stanbic Bank Kgale Branch00267 3618653Game City Shopping Centre
Stanbic Bank Mogoditshane Branch00267 3617600Plot 13445,Unit 2, Bodiba Mall
Stanbic Bank Acacia Mall Branch00267 3618000Plot 75123, Phakalane,
Shop 11A Acacia Mall

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How To Contact Stanbic Bank Call Centre (Toll-Free Number)

It is more likely that you will want to contact Stanbic Bank in Botswana, and because of that, we have put together the simplest and easiest ways to reach out to the customer support desk.

The phone numbers to contact the Stanbic Bank branches in Botswana are as follows: +267 398 7801, +267 390 1600, and 0800 600 709.

Thus, if you want the Stanbic Bank Botswana toll free number, please dial +267 398 7801.

If you want to send an email, then use this official email address

Stanbic Bank Botswana Head office Contact Details

You can locate Stanbic Bank Head Office in Botswana at Plot 50672, Off Machel Drive in Fairgrounds Office Park, Gaborone.

The Stanbic Bank Botswana postal address is Private Bag 00168, Gaborone, Botswana.

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Are Stanbic Bank Botswana Branch Codes The Same

The branch codes for all Stanbic Bank branches in Botswana are different. Each location has a unique branch code that identifies the bank.

Here are the branch codes for some Stanbic Bank branches in Botswana:

  • Stanbic Bank Fairgrounds Branch Code: 064967
  • Stanbic Bank Gaborone Industrial Branch Code: 061967
  • Stanbic Bank Francistown Branch Code: 064067
  • Stanbic Bank CBD Square Branch Code: 065167
  • Stanbic Bank Palapye Branch Code: 065067

These branch codes are public and usually published on the websites of all commercial banks.

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Here are the PO Box guides: 98878, 77404, 247, 7251.

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