Airtel Office In Yaba

Airtel Office In Yaba, Find Airtel Nigeria Offices & Contacts In Yaba, Lagos

Are you looking for the Airtel office in Yaba, Lagos? This guide is here to help you find all the Airtel office locations in Yaba in Lagos, Nigeria.

In most parts of Nigeria, it is very easy to locate the major companies’ offices and branches.

The challenge is always with the most populated cities like Lagos.

This is because of the heavily populated nature of the various towns and cities in Lagos like Yaba.

But worry not, as this guide is here to help you locate the Airtel office with the contact numbers you can call to reach them.

Yaba, a suburb of the Lagos State, is one of the busiest towns notable of its market sites and its proximity to the University of Lagos (UNILAG).

Location of Airtel Office in Yaba, Lagos

If you want to find the Airtel office in Yaba in Lagos, then it is located at the address below:

45 Montgomery Road, Yaba – Lagos.

If you want to contact the Airtel store in Yaba, Lagos, then the official phone number you need to call is +234 802 150 0111.

Please note that Airtel may not have a dedicated head office in Yaba in Lagos, but they do have some representatives who will always attend to the needs of customers.

Head Office Contact Numbers

For those still facing the challenge of getting to the Airtel shop in Yaba in Lagos pr at least finding their contact details, you can call the head office for directives.

Here are the Airtel head office contacts in Nigeria:

Plot L2 Banana Island, Foreshore Estate, Ikoyi Lagos, Nigeria.

Airtel Nigeria Telephone Number: 111.

Airtel WhatsApp Number: +234 802 150 0111.

You can send them an instant message on WhatsApp and the customer care personnel will respond to your queries.

Contacting Airtel Office In Yaba, Lagos On Social Media

In most cases, you may not want to travel all the way to Yaba in Lagos just to lodge a complaint or get an issue resolved by Airtel. You can just do that but visiting their social media channels.

Note that there is no dedicated social media page for the Airtel Yaba office in Lagos. However, it is the official page for all parts of Nigeria.

With that out of the way, here is the list of Airtel social media contact pages:




WhatsApp Number: +234 802 150 0111.

That is all you need to know about locating and contacting the Airtel office in Yaba, Lagos.

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