Melcom Tema Branch, Opening Hours, Phone Number & Address

Melcom Tema Branch, Opening Hours, Phone Number & Address

Where is the Melcom Tema branch located? This is obviously one of the frequently asked questions we have received so far.

In today’s guide, we will show you where the Melcom Tema branch is located with their contact number as well as opening and closing hours.

Melcom is one of the popular and, of course, best supermarkets in Ghana.

If you are in Tema, then you may have heard or visited the Melcom store for shopping or another thing.

Even if you are new to the Melcom Tema, we will show you everything you need to know before going shopping.

Before visiting the Tema shopping mall, search for your best furniture, TV, Mobile Phones, refrigerators, Air Condition, Home Theater, Kitchen Equipment, Food, and beverages.

Make sure you know where the store is located.

Melcom Tema Store Location Address

If you want to go to the Melcom shop, then here is the location address:

Melcom Plus – Tema Store, Post Office Road, Traffic Light Meridian, Opposite Vodafone, Tema Community 1, Greater Accra Region, Ghana.

That is the address for the Tema branch. But make sure you go shopping during the working hours.

But what are the Tema branch opening and closing hours?

That is something you need to figure out, especially for Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

Melcom Tema Branch Phone Contact Number

If you want to contact the Melcom branch in Tema, then you need to call the office phone number.

To call the Tema shop, dial this number: +233 303 216368.

That is the contact number for the Melcom branch.

What Is The Email Address To Contact The Tema Store

Here is the email address to contact the Melcom shop in Tema:

You can send them inquiry messages for any of their product you wish to buy.

Please note that emails usually take a bit longer time to respond than calling the office.

What Is The Postal Address For This Branch

The official postal address for the Melcom Tema branch is listed below:

P. O. Box 3920 Accra.

You can send t your letters or mails to that box number, and it will get to the Tema shop.

How Do I Contact Melcom Tema Branch On Social Media?

If you want to contact the Tema shop, the list below is the social media pages for Melcom:

Melcom Ghana Facebook:

Melcom Ghana Twitter:



Melcom Ghana Instagram:

That is all you need to know about the Melcom Tema branch

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